Your software development team

Skilled software developers are rare these days. It can be very challenging to find a good team, because of the luxurious position in the labor market.

With our Team as a Service (TaaS) offering,  your organisation will get quick access to a cohesive team of multidisciplinary techies!

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The difficulties we see in organisations

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    A (temporary) increase in workload in development projects (business demand).

     Scaleups  |  Established 

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    Everyday operations executed by in-house teams are cutting into your project capacity.

     Scaleups  |  Established 

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    A great idea, but no team support with product strategy and implementation.

     Startups  |  Scaleups 

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    In-house teams don’t have the capacity to carry out prototypes (proof of concepts).


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    A project runs into trouble due to a need of a special expertise which does not exist in-house.

     Scaleups  |  Established  |  Startups 

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    Permanent in-house technical teams are expensive and are not core business of the organisation.


‘We live & breathe Open Source’


Emerson Carvalho
Senior Developer 

A selection from our stack


  • Node.js
  • Python
  • PHP/Laraval


  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue


  • React-Native
  • PWA
  • Ionic


  • AWS
  • Azure
  • DigitalOcean


  • Databricks
  • mlFlow
  • Deltalake
  • Spark


  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • Terraform
  • Elastic

Onboarding process

Leadtime – 3 to 5 weeks



We consult the organisations tech-team about their needs until we understand the circumstances. In cases when an existing code is to be worked with further, a code review is necessary or detailed knowledge-transfer is applicable.

Team selection

Based on our findings, we appoint a Delivery Manager and a team that best meets the circumstances and needs
of the client. Clients may conduct interviews with the proposed team members to ensure maximum compatibility.

Team assignment

We assign developers and organize an onboarding session. TaaS Teams usually follow the agile buildmeasure-learn cycle in their development process. At the end of each sprint (2 weeks sprints preferred) a retrospective and a planning event is conducted, and these are open to clients.


Throughout the TaaS deployment, the Delivery manager assigned by Cloud++ ensures a continuous and frictionless communication is maintained with the client.

The benefits we provide

Loyalty programs

Good, better, best

We offer customers our professional knowledge and learn from our partnerships. We never stop to listen what the customer wants and we look closely what we want to achieve together.


Fast & focussed

We work quickly and efficiently with a flexible global workforce that we can easily upshift, while keeping tight control.

investment software


We build custom build tailormade affordable applications that 100% align with your business processes. With no license costs and low operational and implementation costs.


In control

Letting us built your platform or apps will mean that you are in full control in all aspects.

  • Code: you own the code. Don’t like us, go to another firm with limited knowledge transfer due to use of open source standards
  • Using your infrastructure (Cloud or local), or let us setup a cloud
  • Processes: we will adapt to your organisations governance and in control processes

They love it

Sjoerd van der Klei

Sjoerd van der Klei

CRM Manager FleuraMetz

‘’We were looking for a solution that would lead to a much better process, integrated platform and ROI. We found that partner in Cloud++. They are very flexible and dynamic, and the team feels like an extension to the FleuraMetz team.’’

Cedric Hofman

Cédric Hofman

‘’Cloud++ solutions are unlimited, simple and extremely user-friendly. The teamwork between AkzoNobel and Cloud++ was fantastic and ran ultra-smooth.’’